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by Neo Blaqness

I cant fight the ghosts
of every man
who eva dun you wrong
I can’t fill the space
of every place
where you never felt
like you belonged
I cant bear the pain
of every heart
that turned against your own
I cant battle every demon
who has made your life its home
I cant take the blame
for every choice
I was not around to make
or speak for every
nameless voice
who said nothing
while you made mistakes
I cant account
for what you never felt
from the men who kept you warm
and left their seed
inside you while
they went to another’s arms
there are many things
I cannot do
I can only look above
and ask my Father
to strengthen you
and fill me with his love
that I might stand
the tempest still
beside you hand in hand
abide me now
within His will
that I might be
your man