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by Neo Blaqness

can you see me
I know I’m just a girl
I may not be
the boy you wanted
but to me
you are my world
even though
you’ve never seen me
I’m told it’s you
that’s in my eyes
and the silly way I laugh
I wonder
can you feel me
when I cry
or are your nights
too busy
in some other woman’s arms
why can’t you say I’m pretty
I’m not the one
who brought you harm
I can’t help that
you and mama
made me without a plan
yet you get to live your life
but get uptight
if she find a man
can you see me
I been waiting
for so long
to hear you say
you love me
I been trying
to be strong
so strong that
no one can hug me
walls surround my little life
forget playing with dolls
cuz now I just
wanna be a wife
So I can have a man
to hold me
like I used to want you to
and have myself a baby
even tho I got no clue
what it means
to be a lady
cuz I ain’t never seen no man
do nuthin but denigrate me
and mama
please daddy, understand
I need you more
than anything
more than money, toys, or things
I need to know you see me
I need you to be my King
not so you can rule me
from your very distant throne
I need to know
that in your heart
my presence has a home
Cuz all my life
I’ve looked in the mirror
and always looked at two
people staring back
one was mama
the other one you
I just wanna know one day
if the reflection
is telling
the truth