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pickuplineHere we go again kids…lol… Another online pickup girl.

SHE WROTE: Hello. Great Photo.

I WROTE: Thank you for the compliment.

SHE WROTE: Your welcome

I WROTE: (No reply at all…)

SHE LATER WROTE: Sorry I didn’t get ur attn


“This is 2016. I don’t carry conversations that I didn’t start. You paid a physical compliment. I said thank you. A physical compliment alone will never be enough for me to assume responsibility of a conversation nor do I believe it should be expected at this point in history whether it is from a man or a woman.

If that is the way you think, then we are already too far apart to chat. However, I am certain there are plenty of retro minded men who still find it chivalrous to use a pickup line or feel macho to believe his ego being stroked is a turn on. I am not one of them.

I expect the same of every human being regardless of gender and that starts with clarity of communication. Had you actually said more instead of expecting more from a physical compliment, perhaps this conversation would have gone differently.

You paid attention to my outward appearance, though appreciated, will fade just like this conversation. But there was a lot to who I actually am and always will be that I took the time to write about on my profile.

You made no connection to any of that, therefore you got the only appropriate response that I could give other than the typical meaningless male pig shallow retort about your appearance which means nothing to me until you show me who you are as a person. You made no effort to connect or present to me the part of you that matters most.

If I was interested in just f u ck ing I would have replied because you are hot, but we both should be way too mature for that. My prior silence and me taking the time to write this is a show of respect, if you are willing to see it.”

-Neo Blaqness