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Well I be dam-ned
of all the luck
60 year old white couple
just invited me
to F*ck
I mean I ain’t no saint
far from a beginner sinner
but how do you acquaint
hello with
‘scuse me
but do ya wanna
join me in her?
Is this the new etiquette
for these kinds of thangs
get wet at a profile visit
and invite a ne-gro to bang
your Mrs
while you whistle Dixie
as your confederate
flag staff hangs
almost to the ground
is this the bugle sound
you need to save it
from disgrace
listening to her moan
with a glad look
upon her face
like some sick way
to atone
for all those
half bred slaves
born of rape
Sweet Jesus
Strom Thurmond
and his kin
must be spinning
in their graves
tryin to drill back
to the surface
to relive
new good ole days

-Neo Blaqness 2016-