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So Lo
by Neo Blaqness

If u ain’t neva dun nuthin in ya lyf
but get on all fours or lay on ya back
and push out babies fa dudes
that ain’t never around,
locked up,
or been gunned down…
I’m not sayin u can’t change,
but wut da hell u think it look lyk
wen you postin u lookin fa a dude
dat can keep u maintained?
Fa real?
Here’s the deal.
Ur hood gud gud
might stand up ta da hype
ta dat 420 friendly
5.0 picked up last night.
But while he was busy
layin da pipe
and runnin game,
I was keeping my goals in sight
and feedin my brain.
Even platinum p*ssy
ain’t worth the same
from a chick jumpin
from d*ck ta d*ck
lookin fa somethin
ta gain.
I ain’t hatin
if ur p*ssy ain’t free
But u was born wit dat sh*t.
I had to earn my degree.
And I ain’t had none yet
worth all my money.
And the password to my account
sho nuf ain’t
f*ck me daddy.
Still I would gladly
give my all,
if u stop thinkin so badly
and let me teach u
ta stand tall.
Cos I can’t git wit a chick
so low
she ain’t got no
place ta fall.