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gonedawgsAt the end of the day, what I see most when I read between the lines of what people post, is that women are tired of trying to teach men how to be men. I get that.

But at the same time, a real man gets just as tired trying to show a grown woman how to embrace real love. I see everyday women with beautiful souls stooping low instead of standing tall. And it honestly breaks my heart. Not only because of that fact but also that she does not know how to recognize strength in a man who actually has a heart.

All the slang about being handled and gettin it pounded and beatin it up. Invitin a dude to know that part of your thoughts right from the jump might be the way it is today, but it ain’t producing healthy relationships.

Talkin about doggie style bein your favorite on your profile to strangers is only puttin more women in a position of raising kids into grown men alone. Thinkin it’s cool to call her own self a b*tch and then complaining she is attracting dogs.

Now they even going as far as posting pics wearing dog ears and dog noses and they have no idea what that is really saying about who we are. It ain’t cute. It ain’t funny. Doggie style b*tches in heat flashing money during tax season but don’t got nuthin to show at the end of the day, cept how another dude hit and quit it and went on his way after eatin all the food she put on his plate. After all, that’s just what dogs do when the bowl is empty.

I didn’t sign up for the dawg pound. I didn’t expect for online to be a kennel of b*tches to choose from. I ain’t down with bestiality. A woman on all fours is not my favorite position.

I understand the fact that a d*ck goes deeper when hittin it from da back but that ain’t the kind of depth I’m tryin to get at. Real sex ain’t about the affect of positions but about how the heart listens. Making love is a condition where you give someone permission to be inside of all of you- mind, body, and soul. And not just face down azz up letting sum mutt hit da open hole.

But the real reason that we make that choice, are the feelings that we are trying to avoid. Physical is typical but intimacy is just too real. To see somebody’s eyes, might be too much to reveal. Better to let him bust dat nut and call it a day.

As for me, you see, there’s an amazing grace doin it face to face. Grasping hands peering into eyes, past past disgrace, and hidden lies peeling back every disguise just being real and knowing why it’s worth the risk of being inside.

That’s the kind of┬ádeep that make grown folk weep from between the thighs and down their cheek from their eyes. If you ain’t ready for that, we best not meet. You better off hittin up, some other guy.