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ghettolifeI will never understand why people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars more for a 3 dollar piece of material made by the same overseas slave labor lucky if they earn 1 dollar a day just to have a different label put on it.

Yes sometimes I will pay more for quality, but most people are just paying for a name and it don’t make you equal to people with money just because you wear it. It only makes you look stupid for spending money you really don’t got for something you could have gotten for less and done more for yourself.

I am soooooo glad I had a Kmart and Dolla Sto mama with sense. She taught us to have pride in being neat and clean more than being fancy. Because if you up in the projects getting almost free rent and on food stamps, to her it made no damn sense to spend that kind of money stuff when you should be saving it to get yo azz up out of the hood. And that is just what we did… ALL SIX OF US KIDS.

Cuz how you gone be on public assistance standing in line for Jordans or got kids carrying the latest iPhone when the rest of us paying to support you with our tax money can’t even get that shit for our own kids cos we the one paying for you? Where you think that FREE money you get come from? It ain’t free.

And it don’t come from rich white people. Rich folk don’t really pay that much taxes. It’s everybody around you who not on Section 8 and not on any public assistance who struggle every damn day to put gas in they tank to go to work paying for that phone them sneakers them nails and that hair. We can’t afford it cuz we paying full rent and full electricity and for all our food.

Then when companies pull up out of towns and people lose jobs, all you got left trying to support the schools and all the shit necessary to keep good government services are people on public assistance cuz everybody else with skills had to move to where the jobs are.

That’s how you get cities falling apart. But it don’t seem to change how some of us act sometimes and that is what be pissing people off. Sometimes our own actions create racists out of people. I am just saying it real.

My mama respected the fact that somebody gave us a chance when we had nothing. Now most people just live like it’s a gimmee. And you wonder why these racist clowns and politicians be throwing shade.

When you runnin around callin your own people niggahs and bitches, rollin blunts and turnin up bottles and spendin on shit like that, yup they gone use it as ammunition to block us from votin and cutting public assistance and anything else they can think of.

If black lives truly matter, it needs to start with US being real with US.

My grandfather taught in the segregated school system that was given next to no money, but they had a higher graduation rate of black kids than most inner cities today. Because when we choose to work together and on ourselves in the midst of adversity, there is no limit to what we can do and that is what changes how others view us.

That is what every other immigrant has figured out when they come to America and face racism. This is 2016. It is time to throw away that fuckin crutch called slavery and stand up and walk on our own two feet.

And as long as you keep using the word niggah, that will be the limit of your income and your success.