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by Neo Blaqness

I dun seen your profile
frontin like you stuntin
with swagg and style
talkin bout how
you want a nicca
who got his own
all the while
Section 8
payin for your home
niccas 1 3 and 5
payin for your phone
stair stepped shorties
fed off a WIC
and support checks
you earned by
on your back
And yet
you think
showin your ass online
tellin the world
how sexy and fine
you think you are
will land you
that nicca with a good job
and a nice car
if you call him daddy
and ride him hard
I gotta say it blunt
cuz ain’t no way
to say it nicely
how you think
you gone be
his wifey
when you got him
being his ho
and it takes
a hellified woman
to play the role
of being both
you see a hoe
just gotsta have
and be good
at giving head
a freak
under the sheets
and be discrete
when not in bed
a ho kno how to rock it
and to drop it
like its hot
and fuck a nicca
like his the only
dick she ever got
but a wifey type
is so much more
than double d’s and ass
hos may get all the hype
but a wifey
she got class
cuz what she gives
ain’t at the expense
of her dignity
at first glance
you probably hatin me
but as times pass
you might
end up diggin me
for tellin you
the truth
you ain’t the first
ho ass bitch
to fuck up
a promising youth
but wisdom often
comes of age
when you choose
to turn
the page
learn the lessons
count your blessings
that you even
made it out
don’t deprive
of all the wealth
that your ignorance disguised
trading your soveriegnty
to be
a welfare queen
in debt to slowly drown
away the freedom
paid for you and me
your crown