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by Neo Blaqness

so you fucked up
but that’s
a part of life
asking forgiveness
just for living
never seemed quite right
it seems to me
god shouldn’t be
the one asking
for an apology
I know it’s blasphemy
but if I wasn’t
intended to sin
god had
his chance when
he made me
with my own mind
so either
god messed up
or he is not
who you think he is
time to stop acting
so blind
and face
that the reality
of grace
is that life
is not about
punishment of sin
for sin is the only way
wisdom can begin
to work its way
into your soul
we cause pain in part
for the good of the whole
it is only when we
do so with deliberation
that we practice evil
worthy of damnation
and separation from God
so in and of itself
you fucking up
is not a sin
at least not to God
I can’t say much of men
that’s between them
and HIM