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by Neo Blaqness

Why do I need this
why am I on here
why does a digital kiss
feel more real
than from the one
who’s sposed to care
laying next to me
in my bed
why is my friends list
dancin in my head
why isnt my love
dancin inside me instead
used to be
all I needed
was to spread my legs
now all I get
is air
shacked up
backed up
with lust
that used to belong
to us
now Im fittin to bust
a nut with the first thing
I think I can trust
I’m too young
to let my shit
start collecting dust
while yours
still happens to shine
what the fuck
uh uh rewind
who you fuckin
cuz I kno
I ain’t cleaned you up
in my damn sleep
ur tired azz
aint touched me
in over 12 weeks
I thought I got first prize
when I won your trophy
blinded by size
and the way
you stroke me
Superman in the bed
Clark Kent in disguise
What happened to the cape
I made you to fly
You used it to escape
hit the ground and lied
saying I pushed you down
just to get more eyes
on you
but look at me
my friends list jumps by 103
each hour I’m up
on this thang
I got it crackalakin
I still can hang
with the best
but still
I can’t rest
when all I wanna see
is you turn to the left
and just
do me